Often I’m asked where I find my inspiration, so I thought I would share the impetus for my “Ripped” series.
For 6 weeks in 2009, I was in Pompeii as a visiting artist on a college archeological dig to see the ruins first hand. We had the advantage of accessing areas that were off limits to the general public.

[nicepaypallite name=”Ripped Pears” amount=”500″] peristyle garden excavationIt was amazing. There was a recently excavated villa which contained some incredible frescos. I clearly remember seeing some parts of the frescos where they had been protected from the weather and other places where time and deterioration were very evident.  It was unbelievable that areas of the fresco were as beautiful and new as the day it was painted.  Pumice and mud protecting some places while others showed the ravages of weather, time and the eruption.

Those memories, almost 6 years ago, have become my inspiration for this series.  Not wanting to paint the literal ruins, I began to see how I could use fruit to show all the faucets of the ruins.  I want to explore the fresh & new, fragments, protected & unprotected as well as, the effects of time. While most artists struggle for inspiration from time to time, luckily for me, it was a place of ruins that I found mine.

pompeii_three_graces_fragment “The Three Graces”, Wall Frieze, Pompeii, circa 60 AD

The three graces, all sisters, are the daughters of Zeus and Euryeome or Hera.

Oil on Panel
12 x 12
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