Arcade Garage takes us back to a time when cars were a still a curiosity, and Henry Ford was developing the first assembly line. America was years away from being hit by the great depression, in fact due to an economic boom following World War I, this era was often referred to as the Roaring Twenties.
This is the second piece of what may become my, “History Fragment,” series. The torn looking edges of the scene recall those of an old photograph, and indeed, this color oil painting was inspired by a black and white photo from the Library of Congress Archive.
The challenge here was transforming the shades of grey and black into authentic color. It was a mental stretch and I did a lot of research to get the tones just right. The brick wall in the background reminds me of an Edward Hopper Painting, ‘From Williamsburg Bridge,” which is also a study in old bricks and classic buildings.
Arcade Garage is a feel good image. The subjects seem happily immersed in the maintenance of their new fangled gadgets, while other well dressed individuals hurry on their way. Reminiscent of a pleasant day in a time gone by, Arcade Garage is a serene and nostalgic recollection of a fragment of time.

Arcade Garage

Oil on Panel
13 x 19
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