My Working Process

I paint on panel that I prepare myself with gesso, and the surface has to be just right. I build up a very smooth surface usually taking up to ten coats of gesso and sanding between each coat. Then I add a thin wash of burnt sienna so that I am not starting on a white surface. I use Photoshop to move elements around until I find something I like. After which I print out the image and use that as the main source of my reference material. I grid out the image and work from square to square building up the painting as I go. I have natural hair brushes including hog, sable and horse.

My core pallet:

titanium white
titanium yellow
yellow ocher
raw sienna
burnt sienna
cadmium yellow
cadmium orange
cadmium red light
alizarin crimson
burnt umber
raw umber
sap green
ultramarine ulue
payne’s gray
ivory black