Way back in 7th grade, one of the first pieces of art that I made was of grapes and coffee cans. The charcoal drawing is long gone. But I have enjoyed painting grapes ever since. I would guess that grapes and eggs are two subjects that I have painted the most.

At Eastern Market in Washington DC there was a basket of grapes on the table. I loved the light hitting the grapes. I knew that this would be my next painting in my fragment series.

I had started this grape painting yesterday and it has taken me awhile to come up with the design and consistent idea. I wanted to play the blurry background against the sharpness of the ripped paper. The contrast really helps with the illusion of paper being taped on top of a painting.

I did some sketches in Photoshop of how I would combine the different elements. I wanted to have the ripped paper fragments be put back together in the same idea of the ancient wall frescos you see in Pompeii.

First I built the reference piece which I painted from.


Then I started to paint.


I like what I had started with the first blurry layer juxtaposed to the sharper ripped paper square. By the time I had the whole painting started I was concerned about the overall amount of green. I need to change that.


The bottom right hand corner of the ripped paper square was the beginning of what I wanted to express. It had the feeling of a fragment of the whole while still having the viewer know what the whole image was that was being painted.

grapes5and6I like the addition of the purple because it attracted my eye and made me think that it was a fragment taped on the top. When all the pieces of paper were combined it appeared as fragments being built up and being part of the whole painting.

All My Grapes In One Basket
Oil on Panel
11 x 14

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