Ripped Grapes #2 by Dennis Crayon


Ripped Grapes #2 12 x 12 oil on panel | $7oo

When I finished “all my grapes in one basket” I knew that for the next four pieces I would set up a few ground rules to consider

  1. Have the top layer of ripped paper have ragged edges and not have a straight border around the whole image.
  2. The back ground layer would be gray with muted gray and a little hint of color
  3. Scotch tape needs to be added to the image.

I would like the viewer to wonder if the top colored pieces were falling off and that is what remains. Or if the pieces had been taped back on and reassembled in the same way that fragments are reassembled and the area around the fragments is a suggestion of what use to be there when the piece was whole.


All My Grapes In One Basket


All My Grapes in on Basket | Oil on Panel | 11 x 14 | $900

Way back in 7th grade, one of the first pieces of art that I made was of grapes and coffee cans. The charcoal drawing is long gone. But I have enjoyed painting grapes ever since. I would guess that grapes and eggs are two subjects that I have painted the most.

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Picking Berries- daily painting still life a painting a day

Picking Berries | 7 x 7 | Oil On Panel

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When I was young my brother and I would go berry picking. We would get together with the neighborhood kids and go to the abandon farm behind our house and pick the red and black raspberries that grew on one side of the field. Mostly we would pick enough for a pie which my grandmother would bake.

One year all the neighbor boys got together and we decided to have a berry stand and sell the berries. We got our quart containers and went door to door that summer selling the berries in the neighborhood. I think we made a whole 15 bucks total that summer.

Later when we were a bit older my family tried canning the berries for jam. We didn’t quite have the recipe correct and the jam was more like slurp. In a lot of ways that turned out better because we had enough Blackberry sauce to put over vanilla ice cream all winter.

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Morning Glory- daily painting still life a painting a day

Morning Glory | 7 x 7 | Oil On Panel

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One of the signs that fall is coming is the blooming of Morning Glories on the rot iron fences in the neighborhod. I painted this fragment because as far back as I can remember there has been morning glory in late summer and early fall.

When I first moved to DC I planted morning glories along the fence in our backyard by the end of the season the vines had taken over the walls and fence and hid a lot of old chain link fence and weathered board and lattice.

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Peach with Leaf- daily painting still life a painting a day

Neighbor’s Peach  | 7 x 7 |  Oil On Panel


When painting this peach fragment, it reminded me of our neighbors peach tree. In all the years that I can remember it only bore one peach. When it appeared to be ripening the neighbor guarded the peach from the birds and squirrels. One morning when the peach was finally ripe he went out to pick the peach, but someone of the neighbors beat him to it. No one ever found out who ate the peach.


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I Want Candy #2- daily painting still life a painting a day

I want Candy #2 Oil on Panel. 5 x 5 inches, 2014
all materials are archival.

This is the second of the 3 I want candy paintings. I did this in 2 sittings about an hour each.
I am looking forward to going to Arlington Artist Open Studios this weekend.

  • Sat, Oct 4, 2014 – Sun, Oct 5, 2014

The 4th Annual Arlington Art Studio Tour is almost here! The community is invited to take part in this popular weekend event held in artist studios throughout Arlington County.

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Dennis Crayon Realist Contemporary Realism

I work in oils on canvas and panels, using color and position to convey contemporary composition combined with a classical painting technique. Each of my paintings features extreme attention to detail, especially the effect of light as it hits objects. I recognize the value of craft in my painting and continually work on my technique and style. My influences include Caravaggio and Vermeer, as well as contemporary realists Claudio Bravo and Scott Fraser.