Ripped Grapes #2 |12 x 12 | Oil | $500

This is the first painting I did in the series. Grapes have always been my go to subject matter. I did my first drawing of grapes when I was in high school. I had gone to the market to photograph the vendors and buy some honey. When I was leaving I took a quick photo of the grapes just because.

Ripped Pears |12 x 12 | Oil |$500

2 years ago I went to Washington State for Labor Day vacation. The neighbor of the friend I was staying with had a Pear tree out front. I have seen a number of artists using the illusion of a paper being taped on top of the painting. I wanted to use the paper and tape as a metaphor of an image being restored similar to how museums will reconstruct old wall frescos.

Shake your tree |12 x 12 | Oil | $500

I had planned to paint four 12 x 12 panels of ripped paper and tape. I originally didn’t know they would be of fruit but by the time I started this painting it seemed like a good idea to develop the series further. Many ancient cultures would have wall frescos of fruit and I am trying to make contemporary fragment paintings.

Orange Sunrise #2 |12 x 12 | Oil | $500

I redid the background 3 times before I got it right. I wanted the background to have a little more texture it was looking like frosted glass which isn’t the intention.

This  would make a great wedding gift for anyone getting married in Florida or California in the future.

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