Road Trip | Oil on Panel | 24 x 30

Dennis Crayon

I like to paint fragments I can trace it as far back as when I went college. But it really took hold in 2009 when I was able to go to Pompeii for six weeks. I was part of a college archaeological dig. I am painting fragments that look both fresh and new and also show some ravages of time and place. I want the series that I have started to be both fragments and show the wear of time.


Key Bridge Washington DC – Just an idea


I am at Gallery Underground for this afternoon. I’m in the process of thinking about my 3rd large work for my solo show in December. I’ll be starting a painting of the Key Bridge. The Francis Scott Key Bridge which runs over the Potomac from Rosslyn Virginia to Georgetown. I’d like to make it look like a Daguerreotype with rips and a full color painting underneath. While at the gallery I’ll transfer the image onto the panel but go no further. I don’t want to get committed to how it looks quite yet I just want to get the ball rolling.

I have not finished the Data Collector yet I think I’ll work on that tomorrow and next week. We’ll see